CHOReo - Performance Crashkurs

Location: Talvogtei | Große Stube

CHOReo - Performance Crashkurs

How do you manage to capture the audiences attention and present a large ensemble as one unit on stage ? How can a choreography support the intention of a song ?
Each song is an emotional journey and an audience wants to feel part of it. For this we need to do more than justsing correctly or in tune.
As a choir we have the possibility to really have an impact on an audience beyond the music.
In this workshop, you will learn how to physically support the music, rhythm and feeling of a song with a large group of people.

Teacher: Linda Jesse

Linda Jesse

It didn’t take Linda long to realise that she wasn’t particularly interested in a career in logistics. She trained as a musical theatre performer at the Stage School Hamburg, focussing on voice and dance, before moving to Freiburg in 2009. She now works as a vocal teacher in various music schools, as well as as a singer and choreographer during several winter seasons at the Palazzo Colombino in Basel. Until the end of 2018, she also was a part of vocal band Unduzo as a singer and choreographer. In order to follow her diverse range of interests, she is now (aside from performing) holding performance coachings all across Germany and works on choreographies with choirs and vocal bands.

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