Crash course conducting

Location: St. Gallus | Adlerstüble

Crash course conducting

Are you the leader of your group/choir, but you don’t know the first thing about conducting? Or are you looking to go back the roots, and get a refresher on the basics?

Coordinating music nonverbally and efficiently is a high art which lives and dies by the reactions of those it addresses. The influence of body language and overall expressiveness on the conductees cannot be understated. The leader of a group can use their musical intuition and the tools of the trade to translate the essence of a song into audible form, connecting the choir to the music without getting in the way.

Let’s take it from the top: In this workshop you will get a conducting crash course. We practise coordinating breathing, voice and hands to organise a group rhythmically and musically: When do we start, how does the last note end? We take a look at entries, pickups, take-offs, fermatas or basic pulse and combine this with groove embodiment and intuitive gestures. And, of course, there will be singing!

Teacher: Claudia Burghard

Claudia Burghard

Claudia Burghard is a german jazz musician - especially a singer, choir conductor and educator. She teaches at the University of music, theatre and media in Hannover as well as at the Bundesakademie for cultural education for choir leading, conducting, vocal jazz and improvising.

The award-winning university choir „Vivid Voices“ is under her passionate leadership for 10 years. Choir tours and traveling around the globe leave their marks in her musical experience. She also performs as a solo singer and in her ensemble projects like Vocality or Stimmorchester Hannover. Changing the perspective is one of her favorite things - for that she still joins a classical choir.

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