Energy on Stage

Location: Fortuna | Raum Falkenstein

Energy on Stage

How do I find the right energy on stage ?
How do we manage that our choir performance doesn’t just sound, but also looks great ?
How can we unify and synchronise our movements as a group while still maintaining our individuality and perform withintegrity ?

In this workshop we learn a few methods of how we can move in a choir with a sense of style and authenticity. These methods are not just theoretical, but we will apply them straight away with songs and pieces of sample
music. Our focus is on how to be in contact and interaction with our fellow singers and on being conscious how our movements can affect an audience.
We’ll work with different levels of energy that can help amplify the musical expression.

Expect this to be fun - Let’s get the party started !

Teacher: Christian Fris-Ronseld

Christian Fris-Ronsfeld

Christian Fris-Ronsfeld is the artistic director of the Danish girls choir Mariagerfjord Pigekor and Mariagerfjord Choir School, which is one of the most remarkable schools for contemporary music in Europe, consisting of 16 choirs primarily focusing on children and youth choirs.

Besides, he is leading the Danish National Pop Youth Choir "Syng Selected" together with his wife Tine Fris-Ronsfeld. Christian is frequently invited as a workshop leader at festivals and choir events in Europe and USA. His choir arrangements are sung by groups all over Europe and published by Schott and Helbling edition.

He is a board member of Aarhus Vocal Festival (AAVF). Christian has a Master’s degree in rhythmic choir leading, pop/jazz singing and ear training from the Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus/Aalborg and a Master’s degree in music education from the University of Music in Freiburg.

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