Fullfill the Potential of your group

Location: Fortuna | Kellerbar

Let's Talk: Fullfill the Potential of your group

How do we succeed as a group ? Bad communication and unresolved conflicts can be cause of huge frustration. Peder has been working with vocal groups for decades and presents his ideas on how we can improve our communication as a group, how to give feedback constructively and how we can use conflicts and creative friction in a positive way to help us transform. The key is to dissolve hierarchies.
Daniel Barke is equally specialised in this topic with his coaching on helping groups to fulfill their potential.
During the Black Forest Voices Coaching Camp, Daniel coaches all of the participating groups in private sessions and will share his experience in this open workshop together with Peder.

The general overview given by Peder and Daniel is just the starting point though as we open the floor for an open discussion. So we can hear about your opinions and discuss your experiences.

This is a workshop created exclusively for Black Forest Voices

Teacher: Daniel Barke

Daniel Barke

Daniel Barke studied jazz and pop music with a focus on saxophone and jazz voice at the HMT Leipzig “Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy”, and is by now conducting its jazz choir. His artistic focus is largely on his band VOXID (formerly Tonalrausch), where his duties include bass, beatbox, producing and arranging, but he has also worked as an instructor and coach all over Europe. His latest production, the VOXID album “Shades of Light”, received several CARA nominations, the music video for the lead single “Music Ain’t My Thing” even took two CARAs home for Barke and VOXID. Barke has received numerous international awards as part of the groups VOXID, MundArt and Juicebox.

Teacher: Peder Karlsson

Peder Karlsson

Peder Karlsson studied classical composition, arranging and guitar at The Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm, Sweden, from 1984, and graduated in 1989 with a post-graduate Diploma in vocal group performance.
As a member of the Swedish a cappella group The Real Group between 1984-2010, Peder made over 2000 concerts all over the world and 16 CDs. Between 2011-14, Peder was Musical Director of the XXL vocal group "Perpetuum Jazzile", Slovenia.
Since January 2015, Peder teaches choir leadership in rhythmic music at Royal Academy of Music in Aalborg, Denmark, since January 2016 with the title Honorary Professor.
Apart from activities within music, Peder is chairman of the non-profit organization End Ecocide Sweden.

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