Improvisation in the choir

Location: Fortuna | Kellerbar

Improvisation in the choir - Let me improvise you!

We want to improvise collectively - without being bound by the common chords or grooves. Leave the familiar comfort zone of singing set choral arrangements and bathe in the sound of your group.

The focus is entirely on the perception of your fellow singers and the communication among you. A series of activating exercises, leading imperceptably into improvisation, are designed to open your ears and your sensibilities to the group.

Free improvisation strengthens every single singer, and consequently the group grows into a swarm of sound leading itself. Spontaneous musical dialogues can grow out of the moment, and wafting clouds of sounds might even turn into an intro to a song.

An improvising choir is valiantly commencing its journey to discovering entirely novel and fantastical sonic facets, vocal diversity and living creativity.

#experimental #unusual #avantgarde #communicative

Teacher: Claudia Burghard

Claudia Burghard

Claudia Burghard is a german jazz musician - especially a singer, choir conductor and educator. She teaches at the University of music, theatre and media in Hannover as well as at the Bundesakademie for cultural education for choir leading, conducting, vocal jazz and improvising.

The award-winning university choir „Vivid Voices“ is under her passionate leadership for 10 years. Choir tours and traveling around the globe leave their marks in her musical experience. She also performs as a solo singer and in her ensemble projects like Vocality or Stimmorchester Hannover. Changing the perspective is one of her favorite things - for that she still joins a classical choir.

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