Intensive workshop part 2

Location: Verwaltungsscheune | Bürgersaal

Intensive workshop - part 2

In the mornings, the Festival Participants are divided into 3 groups, each of which will get to work with a renowned teacher of the vocal world. The participants get to work on this teachers specific take on and approach to a cappella music - a practical crash course and a chance to get to know your teacher and the way they work up close.

Teacher: Merzi Rajala

Finnish ”rhythmic” choir conducting pioneer, singer, composer and pedagogue MERZI RAJALA (MuM, Vocal Leadership, MuM, Global Music)
Specialises in popular music, including world music genres and fusions, and choral improvisation.
In addition to her own choral work Merzi is the responsible lecturer for Global Choir Leadership / Sibelius Academy, Helsinki.
She loves games, playfulness and she believes in choral music performed with honesty, groove and true energy.


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