Speed Arranging

Location: Verwaltungsscheune | Bürgersaal

Speed Arranging - the quick way to sounding great

There are a thousand ways to write your own arrangement. All of them are correct! However, one way has turned out to so efficient that sought-after vocal arranger Juan M.V. Garcia will be out of a job soon: speed arranging.

Everyone can do it, because it's like Sudoku: the vertical and horizontal lines have to fit, the rest is up to your personal preferences. And it's fun!

The workshop will showcase arranging principles with a basic arrangement that will be sung and consequently amended in creative ways. Afterwards, a small section will be collaboratively arranged as an example. Afterwards, participants will understand why Juan M.V. Garcia only needs one day to arrange anything: you're just done!

Teacher: Juan Garcia

Juan Garcia

Having been self taught in the past, these days Juan M V Garcia has a degree in jazz voice and music education, having also won all relevant international awards with the pop/jazz vocal quartet “Klangbezirk”. Aside from studying voice and music education, he studied arranging with Prof Ralf Schrabbe, further making his way into the world of written music.
Garcia arrnages for Echo-winning ensembles such as amarcord or Calmus.

Building on his experiences from teaching “Conducting jazz/pop/groove” to future music teachers at the HMT Leipzig, he came up with the ideas of writing “head arrangements” as well as “warm up arrangements”.
Garcia continues to explore the musical world in many diverse roles, a small subset include: vocal coach for the National Jazz Orchestra, music director at various theatres, coach, presenter, author, singer, instrumentalist and producer. For now, this wild ride across disciplines seems to have culminated in a professorship for conducting choirs and ensembles at the HfM “Franz Liszt” in Weimar.
Juan Garcia lives and works in Halle/Saale as a teacher, singer, songwriter, coach, arranger, producer and father.

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