Vocal Technique for Young Voices

Location: Fortuna | Raum Falkenstein

Vocal Technique for Young Voices

Workshop presented by Deutsche Chorjugend

Workshop description coming soon...

Teacher: Tine Fris-Ronseld

Tine Fris-Ronsfeld

Tine Fris-Ronsfeld is a Danish singer well-known throughout the choir and vocal music scene for her remarkable voice and stage presence, her innovative arrangements for the renowned Danish pop choir Vocal Line and for her catchy compositions for the contemporary a cappella group Postyr, with whom she has been touring Europe, the US and Asia since 2011.

Furthermore, Tine Fris-Ronsfeld is the conductor of the Danish pop choir ”LYT”, co-conductor of the Danish National Youth Choir Syng Selected,  co-author of the book ”Icebreakers – A Practical Approach to Group Dynamics”, and project leader and vice chairwoman of AAVF - Aarhus Vocal Festival..

Tine Fris-Ronsfeld is a graduate of The Royal Academy of Music in Denmark, and she has more than 15 years of experience teaching soloists, choirs and vocal groups on all levels in singing, stage performance, icebreakers and entrepreneurship.

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