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June 18 - 21 2020
Kirchzarten | Black Forest | Germany

Black Forest Voices Web.stival successfully passed the digital stage

Exhausted, but very satisfied and happy

About a week after the last livestream of the Black Forest Voices Web.stival went offline, we, the Black Forest Voices (BFV) team with Nina Ruckhaber, Dörte Zillessen, Julian Knörzer and Richard Leisegang are still exhausted, but very satisfied and happy .

High willingness and interest

Even in the very short, roughly two-month preparation period for the BFV Web.stival, we experienced an incredibly great willingness to participate, support, participate and be interested. The result can be measured - not only - in numbers:

Around 200 musicians and singers, choirs, ensembles, lecturers and talk guests

In 4 concerts, 18 workshops and around 40 small-format contributions to the "Good Evening!" program, there were not only 70 musicians and singers in 18 ensembles, 23 lecturers and well over 100 local and international cultural professionals, partners and “Onlookers” participated in the Forest Talks, Local Stories, Young BFV or Warm Ups of the “Good Evening!” program.

Over 800 workshop participants and over 5,000 “clicks”

It was also possible to count 855 registrations at the online workshops, who followed and actively participated in the workshops from their living and working rooms in Germany, France, Switzerland, Great Britain, Denmark, Italy, Singapore, Canada or Paraguay.

The livestreams had up to 542 simultaneous viewers, to date they have been viewed well over 5,000 times - they can still be seen at www.blackforestvoices.com/webstival or on YouTube. The livestreams - the "Good Evening!" program, the 4 concerts and the final "Celebration of Life" - consisted of pre-produced contributions, live on-site or live-in-zoom moderations and performances.

13,5 hours of live streamed program and 27 hours of workshops

In addition to the 18 workshops, each with a duration of approx. 90 minutes, the makers produced and organized a total of 13,5 hours of live streamed program, of which 6 hours filled with "Good Evening!" Small formats and 4,5 hours of concert program. The event ended with the touching, two-hour “Celebration of Life” - a reminder of the festival founder Tobias Hug, who died in January.

Team of ten

The 10-strong Web.stival team on site consisted of the artistic and organizational management team with Richard Leisegang, Dörte Zillessen, Julian Knörzer and Nina Ruckhaber. In addition, there was the technical manager Matthias Klingner and the 3-person live stream and video production team with Joachim Klingner, Jonas Riedel and Nena Wagner. The zoom technology was also supervised by Johannes Kissel and Stefan Intemann. The idea of ​​the “Festival Meadow” was implemented graphically by Paul Dreßler, Pfeffer & Stift.

Connected locally, globally networked

The promotion of culture and music on site by our partners is worthwhile: musicians, singers and artists - and last but not least: workshop participants and music lovers - found in all online formats, from concerts to workshops , from "Kirchzarten sings!", "Forest Talks" and "Local Stories" to the digital "Festival Meadow" platforms, on which they could present themselves with their music and with their connection to music and with lecturers, ensembles, singers and Workshop participants from 13 nations talked to each other, listened to each other, learned from each other.

The reactions: enthusiastic Web.stival viewers and an a-cappella history

The day after the BFV Web.stival, the Badische Zeitung wrote on June 22, 2020: “Web.stival is internationally recognized / huge success for the second edition of Kirchzartener Event. (...) Although only a substitute for a live experience on site, the Web.stival delighted viewers, makers and participating artists alike. The Black Forest Voices Festival is one of the building blocks of the international a cappella scene. It is therefore likely that everyone will meet in person in Kirchzarten next year. ”

Other reactions that we received from the audience, participants, lecturers and musicians via e-mail: “Driving the mood for more and going to Kirchzarten. It was fantastic how you managed to convey emotions through zoom.” “The evening concert was awesome, we were very enthusiastic and could have looked further! We had borrowed a projector and watched it with 8 people, already on Friday." "The workshops were also incredibly enriching and of a very high quality." "You ... are an exemplary example of adapting and leading the way with online festival." "The atmosphere came across despite the spatial distance", "Beyond expectations, we were able to create a connection that reached out all over the world. (...) I'm so inspired by all of you, for the authenticity over the whole project. Wow!" "Chapeau and greetings from the neighborhood!. Together we will make Kirchzarten the new cultural hotspot!!" "You are true leaders, inspiring the world in how to carry on"; "So great to be a part of the weekend, will have very special memories for a lifetime" and: "You and the rest of the team has made a cappella history with this fabulous project. I am so happy that you have created this and connected so many people from all over the world during these difficult times."

Thank you!

Thank you again from the bottom of my heart - and certainly not for the last time - to everyone on site, in the distance, live, with a click, pre-produced, interactive, accompanying, supportive, donating, promoting, thinking, advising, producing, moderating, musical, singing, beatboxing, humming, playing, listening, talking, laughing and crying.

Thank you.

Dörte Zillessen, Julian Knörzer, Nina Ruckhaber and Richard Leisegang

A note for Black Forest Voices

With one or more 5, 10 or 20 notes, you symbolically buy eighth, quarter, half or whole notes and thus support the Black Forest Voices Festival. We hang your purchased notes in our Black Forest Voices heaven every evening! The festival also thanks the musicians with a Kirchzarten song. >> weiterlesen


The effects of the Corona virus on health, social, social, cultural and economic life worldwide since the beginning of this year require an adjustment of Black Forest Voices. We are currently working feverishly on an alternative for a Black Forest Voices Festival 2020, which cannot take place in the originally planned form due to loss of revenue from ticketing and sponsoring.

We, the makers of the festival, were highly motivated to show our presence on site this year with a minimal edition of the festival. Out of conviction for the Black Forest Voices concept and out of solidarity with our friend, colleague and inventor of the BFV Festival Tobias Hug, who died at the beginning of this year. Not least and in this sense also for strategic reasons that it is beneficial for future BFV statements not to let the connection to the place, to the a-cappella scene and to the supporters, sponsors and sponsors be broken.

In the meantime, however, we have to realize that it will not be possible. For this reason, we have now decided to switch completely to an online version: the Black Forest Voices Web.stival. The BFV Web.stival (also June 18 - 21, 2020) presents - like its analogue original - local and international artists in streaming concerts and live zoom workshops, talks with activated chat function, documentation to click on and presentations in various online -Formats from and in living and study rooms of artists, lecturers, participants and viewers, sponsors, partners and friends of Black Forest Voices - worldwide.

>> more information about the Web.stival

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